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Military Discounts

Military discounts are the discounts and Military loans given to active and retired members of the military. Such Military discounts are also available to the immediate family members of deceased military personnel.

Military Discounts are a reward to the military personnel for their unselfish and brave acts. Many companies recognize the personal sacrifices of such people and their families. They therefore award various types of consumer and other Military loans to help them out financially.

The Military loans and discounts are available to all the armed forces personnel on ACTIVE duty, HONORABLY DISCHARGED or RETIRED. However, they need to satisfy at least one of the following conditions:-

1. Proof of membership to any one of the armed forces of the United States as in
(a) A valid DD Form 2A (Military Identification Card) with the words “ACTIVE” or “RETIRED” on it;
(b) A DD Form 214(DOD Discharge) or DD Form 215A (DOD Replacement Discharge) or NGB Form 23B (National Guard Discharge) stating the current duty status as “ACTIVE DUTY”, “RETIRED” or “HONORABLY DISCHARGED”.

2. A copy of Military Department Orders, which shows the individual or the spouse of the individual as being currently in service under Operation Iraqi Freedom or in the Southwest Asia Theater of Operations.

However, military personnel discharged on any other grounds other than Honorable and General Discharges do not qualify for such Military discounts and Military loans. Generally, members of the National Guard and Reserve also do not qualify for such benefits, but if they fall within the criteria of being currently in service as mentioned above, then they or their spouses can avail of the facilities.

Companies pride themselves in offering Military discounts and Military loans to the patriotic sons of the soil. This shows the support of the civilian community for the nation’s active and retired military personnel and members of their families. There are over 3 million members offering such discounts.

Military Discounts

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